Pipes and Gears Maxaloones
Pipes and Gears Maxaloones

Pipes and Gears Maxaloones

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"I like big butts and I cannot lie..."
I'm talking about those diapered butts, that is! Maxaloones are especially perfect for cloth diapers, as the bum circle allows for ample wiggle room, but they work just as well for disposables too! These pants “grow” with your child, by simply rolling the waistband and leg cuffs up/down and adjusting as your child grows. They are made of a cotton/spandex blend, which is soft, comfortable, and super stretchy.

*If you would like a different solid colour for the bum and cuffs, leave a note with colour preference upon checkout*

(Second photo is an example of how size medium fits on two different ages)

Xsmall (fits approx 0-6 months)

Small (fits approx 3-12 months)

Medium (fits approx 6/9 months to 3 years)

Medium+ (same width as the regular medium, with an extra inch in length)

Handmade in BC

This item is custom made upon request. Please allow approximately 2-4 weeks for product to be finished

Please note: Colours in images shown may vary slightly from true colour due to lighting or screen display settings.

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Interested in a custom pair of maxaloones? Contact me!